About SDK



  • Offer new VJ integration possibilities into R&D projects, new prototypes and products
  • Provide developers a Software Development Kit (SDK) and API for different programming environments with drivers and sample code
  • Allow VJ configuration through a simple messaging protocol/Mode switching to enhance its adaptability

What is VitalJacket SDK?

A tool to provide all stream control parameters (Sampling Frequency, Gain, etc.), Mode Switching (Configuration/ Recording); RTC settings; Pushbutton event (on Bluetooth stream and SD Card)

  • App Windows for test and data acquisition
  • App Android
  • Tools for data export: full ECG wave (1-5 leads), beat-by-beat R-R (ms), QRS position (sample offset), Triaxial accelerometer (X,Y,Z; +/-4g)
  • Windows DLL for QRS detect (Pam & Tompkins, MIT-BIH database validated)


  • Linux and Raspberry Pi library for data processing with QRS detector integrated with QRS detector integrated (Pam & Tompkins, MIT-BIH database validated)

Why should we use VitalJacket SDK?

For VJ integration in your R&D projects, new biosignal prototypes and products.

To provide developers a new Software Development Kit and API for different programming environments with drivers and sample code.

To allow VJ configuration trough a simple messaging protocol. Mode switching to enhance its adaptability.